Washing color-treated hair doesn't have to mean saying goodbye to color. Resist color fading and fight frizz with the Smooth Perfection hair care range that is infused with advanced hair smoothing technology, natural oils, and the exclusive anti-fade complex. Hair remains smooth with fresh-from-the-salon radiant color, easy to blow dry, and frizz-free.

Smooth Perfection
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The sulfate-free Clean Volume hair care range is targeted for fine, color-treated hair. Clean Volume uses body-boosting formulas to weightlessly elevate strands for a light, airy, full-bodied finish with extraordinary color and vibrancy protection with help from the anti-fade complex. Repeated use leaves your locks thicker and easier to detangle. 

Clean Volume
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Underneath damaged hair remains the healthy hair you had before. Reveal it with the gentle, sulfate-free Strength Cure hair care range that repairs damaged tresses by fortifying micro-scarred color-treated hair to yield a velvety-soft finish. Hair is stronger, softer, and shinier with maximum growth potential after repeated use.

Strength Cure
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Experience the best (and brightest) hair lightening product line! The sulfate-free, protein-rich Perfect for Platinum hair care range preserves the natural oils your scalp creates and needs to clarify and nourish, all the while increasing brightness. Perfect for Platinum protects color vibrancy with the anti-fade complex, and uses breakthrough technology to provide internal and external strengthening to soften the hair and magnify shine.

Perfect for Platinum
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Refresh, protect, and hydrate your color-treated hair with the Hydrate hair care range that maximizes color retention. The zero-sulfate formula protects color vibrancy with its anti-fade complex. Replenish hair hydration for soft, manageable tresses. Added bonus: it is infused with a luxurious fragrance and natural plant extracts.

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"Zigzag Hair Studio is the most professional hair design and aesthetic studio in metro. The hair stylists and staff are talented, creative and knowledgeable. They’re all about high standards and great service – I wouldn’t go anywhere else!"

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